Encrypt your messages with GnuPG tool

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Why encrypt my messages?

Encrypting your messages is tantamount to scrambling them so that they can only be read by the people with whom you want to communicate. If the email service you are using scans your emails, such as Gmail, encryption will help you avoid this intrusion. If you have a business or are doing research, encryption will prevent competing companies or states from intercepting the information you exchange with your partners. Encryption also protects the sources of journalists, whistleblowers and political activists. Finally, the protection that encryption provides depends on the number of people using it. Thus, by encrypting your messages, you also help protect those who defend our rights around the world. The encryption tool we offer is GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). It is free software, the security of which has been verified by all persons who have been able to freely read and try to modify the code.